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I recommend the following web sites where you'll find a great variety of puzzles:

Auspac Media - The Feature People
A range of The Puzzle Wizard’s puzzles are available for your publication through Auspac Media, Australia's oldest privately-owned syndication company.

Sutherland Studios
Denise Sutherland creates a wide range of puzzles, including themed puzzles. She has a whole section of free puzzles on her site, including crosswords you can do online!

Clue Detective Puzzle Agency
Catherine Eagleson, who’s been creating puzzles since 2004, is the founder of the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency and the author of the book Crack the Codeword 1: 48 Brainteasing Puzzles to Improve Your Knowledge and Increase Your Word Power. The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency publishes puzzles on its website, offering a range of different subscriptions, and can help you in the organisation of trivia night fundraisers.

Number and Word Puzzles
Ken Egan’s great puzzles can be found here. A range of original number puzzles are Ken's specialty.

Pluto Puzzles
A variety of high-class puzzles by the highly creative Chris Bolton. Here you’ll find Lexoku - Sudoku with a twist - and many other great original brain teasers. Some of Chris’ puzzles, including Lexoku, have appeared in World of Crosswords.

Aha! Puzzles
Lloyd King’s tremendous web site has a wealth of activities.  You’ll find brain-twisting puzzles as well as games, articles and a shop where Lloyd’s books may be purchased.

Good Riddles
Trevor Zablocki’s terrific site features a huge range of riddles – from the downright hilarious to the real brain teaser.

JSPuzzles is a free Jigsaw puzzles site with a daily puzzle and a gallery of user submitted puzzles.  Great fun for all ages!

Denise designs the covers of World of Crosswords and Crossword Magic, and is the creator of the Puzzle Wizard character. She also designed this web site!

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