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Regrettably, I’ve been forced to cease production of the magazines indefinitely. I simply can’t guarantee future timely production based on my current state of mind, and this is something which I have found extremely difficult to accept. I have reached this decision only this week (today being 22nd February 2019). Until now, everything has been uncertain. Frustratingly, every good period seems to be followed by one which leaves me virtually useless. Medically, it’s a combination of chronic depression and debilitating OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

Subscribers will be refunded the value of the remaining part of their subscriptions as soon as possible. My printer has forwarded to me copies of ‘World of Crosswords’ No. 76, ‘All Giant Crosswords’ No. 37, ‘All Large Crosswords’ No. 37 and ‘All Quick Crosswords’ No. 37 for the purposes of mailing out, and these will be sent out as soon as possible.

I’m very sorry it has come to this, and I thank you all for your incredible patience and support over the last twenty years. I’m also extremely sorry for not yet responding to your emails, texts and phone messages. The sheer number of them has proved overwhelming. I’ll endeavour to reply to everybody.

Greg Parker, Compiler and Publisher


Last Modified:  22nd February 2019

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